The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna

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This book, The Crossroads of Should and Must, is both beautiful and inspiring and I have kind of a strange story about how it came into my life. As mentioned previously (many times sorry lol!) we recently took a trip to Bali. After we had booked the trip I was randomly listening to a Creative Mornings talk with the artist and now author of this book Elle Luna. She told a story of having this reoccurring dream of this very specific white room. She wondered what it meant when a friend said to her, maybe you should look for your dream in real life. So she did. And she found it! She found the same room that she had been dreaming about (it was listed on Craigslist actually!) and she rented it out and moved in. When she got there she had no idea what she was supposed to do or why she had had the dream. At some point she found her answer when she heard a voice saying to her “you need to paint” which I think she hadn’t really done since she was a kid. And this incredible time of following her creativity and curiosity led her to a really amazing career as an artist and an author among many other things.

There is a lot more to the story (which you can read in the book) but I thought it was super interesting so I went to her website to check out her artwork. As I was scrolling through photos I saw an image of her at the same airbnb I had just booked in Bali!! I got goosebumps and thought, this is really strange. Then the rational part of me thought well it’s a really popular airbnb and I could totally see how a person like her (similar to me) would want to stay at this beautiful and inspiring place. But still it’s not like it’s a hotel. It’s this tiny privately owned bamboo hut on the other side of the world. I put it in the back of my brain but it was one of those things that I really felt like, hmm maybe this is another thing saying you really need to go to Bali. Fast forward to a day before we left. I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts and a guest had mentioned this book. I don’t follow Elle closely so I had no idea she had a book out but I thought what a great thing to bring on our trip to read. So the day before we left I had Andre pick it up for me.

As I was devouring it on the airplane I noticed that in the middle of the book the architect Alejandra who owned the airbnb we were going to be staying at was mentioned. How cool! It was just a little blip but another thing that was kind of interesting. Midway through our trip Alejandra stopped by to check in and see how we were doing and the book was out on the table in front of us. I picked it up and asked her if she had seen it, because she was mentioned in it and she started freaking out a little bit, not because she hadn’t yet seen it but because Elle had actually been there the day before. By there I mean she stopped by the airbnb we were staying at, I think to show her mom since she had spent a significant amount of time there. We were out and about in the city but she stopped by was walking around maybe her book that we had brought with us was out on the table even, ha! So strange. And she’s from San Fransisco I believe so just as far away from home as we were. Also she had apparently written the book just across the small rice paddy at the joglo directly across from ours. This was another crazy goosebumps moment and I thought maybe one of the reasons we are here is to meet her?? But we didn’t ha. So I really have no idea why all of these coincidences happened but maybe we’ll meet in the future or maybe this book will influence my life in a big way or maybe it will mean nothing at all! Who knows.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about coincidences, dreams, miracles and magic. What they all mean and how they might intersect. When I was in high school and college there were several times I had very specific dreams that came true. There were also several times that I prayed for specific things and had my prayers answered almost immediately. Times where I ran into people in strange places and coincidences that were too weird not to mean something. These things were somewhat rare but when they happened I was always filled with a total sense of awe and wonder. So I have no idea what it means but it brought a little bit of magic into my life. So thank you Elle for your beautiful magical book and inspiring story. And friends if you need a new book to read please check this one out. You will be delighted.

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