Progress not Perfection + Being a Secret Math Nerd

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When I was in high school I spent my summers going to math camp where we got to do calculus all summer long. I know, I know, sounds so cool! It was actually a pretty awesome scholarship program where you take math classes at Arizona State University as a high school student and get college credit for it. You also get to live on campus (which is pretty cool when you’re a high schooler) get a full meal plan paid for and have fun social events like math camp dance parties (!!) At this point in my life I was a straight A student. Seriously had never gotten anything but As. But my second summer of math camp, I ended up getting a B!!!! A B in college calculus that I was taking as a junior in high school. What a slacker, how terrible! I was pretty bummed at first but then I had this crazy sense of relief come over me. It wouldn’t affect my high school GPA but the credit would transfer to my college transcript and once I started at ASU a year later that dirty B would be on my record. By starting college with a “tarnished” academic record  I realized I didn’t have to be perfect any more. I was going to continue to work just as hard, but college is a lot more difficult than high school and design school is a whole nother beast so it was nice to be able to give myself some grace and know that it was not even possible to be perfect.

I’ve been rereading the last section of Lara Casey’s Make it Happen as I go through my Powersheets and a phrase that has really been stuck in my head is “progress not perfection”. The book is all about setting goals with intention and prioritizing your life helping you figure out what’s really important. As I set my goals and recognize all of the things I need to work on I love this phrase and the grace that it gives. The grace to relax a bit and realize that I don’t need to be perfect (which is a relief!) and I can’t do everything.

Photo above is of our little living room marquee that we made and like to change out every month with fun and inspiring phrases.

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