Desert Loom Lookbook with Chante

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Apparently I’ve been totally slacking on the blog because I’ve been a busy bee trying to get all my shoots in before May! Above is the second lookbook we shot for Desert Loom. Originally I was just planning on doing one lookbook per season to make things a bit easier on myself but since it’ll be way too hot May-September to do any new shoots I wanted to make sure I had lots of pretty images to share on instagram especially throughout the summer. This one was supposed to be a summer lookbook to be released in May but I had too many Spring things I wanted to shoot and was able to get this one on the calendar earlier than expected. Yay! We will be shooting the summer lookbook this weekend and after that I’ll be taking a bit of a break from fashion shoots for the summer which means I’m going to have more time for making macrame and woven pieces, cooking and food styling and doing yoga. Awww yeah summer time! May is pretty much my second “new years” where I reevaluate everything and plan for the fall so even though I won’t be photographing pretty ladies for a few months I’m pretty excited to slow down a bit during the crazy hot Arizona summer.

CREDITS: Model Chante // Hair by Jaime Voelz-Leaman // Makeup by Kerri Metcalf // Photography by Tiffany Egbert



Desert Loom Lookbook

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Models Solange + Kenzy  // Hair by Theory Hair Design  // Makeup by Kerri Metcalf

As mentioned in the previous post I recently launched a new online boutique carrying vintage clothing and handmade macrame and woven pieces! One thing I decided to do different for this business was to shoot every single clothing piece on my mannequin for the shop listings and then do seasonal lookbook shoots highlighting the pieces I’m most excited about. I kind of went back and forth on the decision for awhile because as a consumer I think it’s super helpful to see what clothing is going to look like on a real human but as I business I realized I needed to create a much more sustainable system for myself. I also think in the tiny thumbnails on etsy it’s way easier to see what the item is when it’s shot on a white background and mannequin. That being said here is our very first lookbook shoot highlighting a few of my favorite pieces ! I am so thankful for all gals and guy who helped me put this together! You guys are the best.


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Friends, I am so excited to announce the launch of my new venture, Desert Loom! As many of you know I’ve been doing vintage resell kind of passively for the past 7 years. I had really been wanting to rename and rebrand for about a year now mainly just feeling like the old name didn’t fit but I couldn’t for the life of me come up with a name I liked. In December I took my first weaving class and totally fell in love. I started to get questions from friends are you going to sell your pieces??! I hadn’t planned on it but I kept making pieces that I didn’t have the wall space for so I said sure! I will sell these. After much thought I came up with the name Desert Loom to relaunch my vintage brand under and also start selling my woven and macrame pieces. And here we are! I am really excited about how everything turned out and couldn’t be more thankful for such a supportive creative community in Phoenix and beyond! You guys are seriously the best. So please check out the new website and say hello on facebook or instagram.

Much Love,


Modern Macrame Workshop with Emily Katz

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You guys, I finally learned how to macrame!! I’ve mentioned it a few times before but it’s something that I’ve been pretty interested in learning for awhile and when I saw that Emily Katz was going to be offering a Modern Macrame workshop in Tucson I signed up almost immediately. Emily’s work was actually the thing that got me really interested in macrame and fiber arts in general so it was pretty cool that I was able to take a class from her!

This brings me to kind of a funny and strange story of how I found Emily and her work. It all started when I was hanging out on pinterest looking for bamboo patio furniture (random I know). I ended up pinning and saving a photo that she had taken. I didn’t really follow the link back to her blog until I had searched everywhere in Arizona for Bamboo patio furniture and was unable to find it. Going back to the original link I found her gorgeous blog and photos she had taken on a recent trip to Bali. Kind of weird because at the time I was very much considering a trip to Bali and had bookmarked this beautiful Airbnb that we ended up staying at. As I scrolled through I saw photos of her and her boyfriend at the same airbnb that we had planned on staying at!! (Remember my weird and similar story involving Elle Luna??) I definitely saw it as another sign that I was supposed to go to this magical place. Kind of weird, pretty cool and now I have both been to Bali and learned the art of macrame!

The workshop was a blast and super relaxing. Since it was superbowl sunday (totally didn’t realize that until about two days before lol) the class was pretty small so we got a lot of one on one instruction which was really nice. Emily was absolutely wonderful and I really enjoyed learning macrame from her. After the class my friend Kelsey and I checked out the Tucson gem show. It was so cool! I came home with some really beautiful candle holders, book ends, a new macrame wall hanging and a few gorgeous rocks. Such a great weekend!

January Weavings

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I’ve been sharing some of my weavings on instagram here and there but I thought it would be cool to do a little round up on the blog of all of the different pieces I’ve made this month. Some I love and some I’m pretty neutral about but it’s fun to experiment and try different things. I’m getting to a point where I feel confident enough to sell them which was totally not my original intention. Originally I wanted to have a little creative muse just for me that had nothing to do with photography or design. But as I’ve started to create these, I just can’t stop!! I want to try new things and make more and more. I’ve also had interest expressed from many friends wanting one and love the idea of adding some color and beauty into peoples homes so I’m gonna do it! I have a larger project I’m working on that I want to loop these into which is why I’m kind of waiting a bit. So, until I finish that I’m just going to keep teasing and keep making 🙂

New Studio Friend

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I went to all of the antique stores in the Phoenix area and searched for hours for this exact mannequin and over the weekend I found her!! I kind of want to cry she’s so perfect. I’ve been planning some big changes over at my vintage shop and this lady is going to be super helpful. Keep your eyes open in early Spring for some big announcements!

The Confessions of a Hairstylist Book is now out!!!!

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Friends,  I am so excited to share that the book project I worked 100 Perfect Hair Days with Confessions of a Hairstylist aka Jenny Strebe, is now out!!!! This project was started over a year ago and comprised of about 4 different all day long photoshoots taking pictures of beautiful hairstyles for this book. I am seriously so honored that I got be a part of this and am very grateful for Jenny believing in me enough to help her make her book baby come to life. Everything turned out so well and it is pretty fun to see my photography work in a book put out by Chronicle Books. What!!! So much happiness right now.


Angelic Magazine Feature

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I’m excited to share this shoot that was recently published and featured on the front cover of the January issue of Angelic Magazine featuring kittens, cupcakes and a blue haired princess! What a wonderful way to start the new year!! This piece was shot at Tremaine Ranch in Chandler with some of my absolute favorite people. Table styling was by the super talented Leah Theodosis at Tremaine. The gorgeous florals were by Andrea at Garden Gate Flowers and the tasty baked goods were by Sift Bakehouse. My blue haired princess model was Mia Pejlovas with beauty by Jaime Voelz-Leaman and Rosie Reed. Kitten model is Jasper, Leahs crazy adorable little feline. I had an absolute blast putting this shoot together and am very honored to be featured again in Angelic Magazine!

I have one other publication to share in a couple of weeks that is definitely the biggest and most exciting project I’ve ever worked on. I’ve given a few teasers here and there but the Confessions of a Hairstylist “100 Perfect Hair Days” will finally be out January 19th!! Amazon has a pretty good preview of it if you want to check it out here. Yay!

Currently Obsessed with: Weaving

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Something I’m nerding out super hard about right now is weaving. When I mentioned it to my brother (who is a year younger than me) he said it must be because I’m getting up there age and essentially called me an old lady lol. But seriously, weaving is so much fun! I recently took a class with the incredibly talented Shelly Sazdanoff and learned the basics to create my very first woven wall hanging. Now that I have the foundational principles down I’ve been obsessively watching youtube videos and looking at DIYs online and am super pumped to keep creating. The above piece is the third one I’ve made in about a week hah. I also made the sort of macrame piece next to it recently using this DIY. If you are interested in learning how to weave I found these creative bug videos super helpful. Also, A Beautiful Mess has a really cool series on weaving too!