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Monday, December 28, 2015 0 0



Something I’m nerding out super hard about right now is weaving. When I mentioned it to my brother (who is a year younger than me) he said it must be because I’m getting up there age and essentially called me an old lady lol. But seriously, weaving is so much fun! I recently took a class with the incredibly talented Shelly Sazdanoff and learned the basics to create my very first woven wall hanging. Now that I have the foundational principles down I’ve been obsessively watching youtube videos and looking at DIYs online and am super pumped to keep creating. The above piece is the third one I’ve made in about a week hah. I also made the sort of macrame piece next to it recently using this DIY. If you are interested in learning how to weave I found these creative bug videos super helpful. Also, A Beautiful Mess has a really cool series on weaving too!

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