Modern Macrame Workshop with Emily Katz

Monday, February 8, 2016 0 2




You guys, I finally learned how to macrame!! I’ve mentioned it a few times before but it’s something that I’ve been pretty interested in learning for awhile and when I saw that Emily Katz was going to be offering a Modern Macrame workshop in Tucson I signed up almost immediately. Emily’s work was actually the thing that got me really interested in macrame and fiber arts in general so it was pretty cool that I was able to take a class from her!

This brings me to kind of a funny and strange story of how I found Emily and her work. It all started when I was hanging out on pinterest looking for bamboo patio furniture (random I know). I ended up pinning and saving a photo that she had taken. I didn’t really follow the link back to her blog until I had searched everywhere in Arizona for Bamboo patio furniture and was unable to find it. Going back to the original link I found her gorgeous blog and photos she had taken on a recent trip to Bali. Kind of weird because at the time I was very much considering a trip to Bali and had bookmarked this beautiful Airbnb that we ended up staying at. As I scrolled through I saw photos of her and her boyfriend at the same airbnb that we had planned on staying at!! (Remember my weird and similar story involving Elle Luna??) I definitely saw it as another sign that I was supposed to go to this magical place. Kind of weird, pretty cool and now I have both been to Bali and learned the art of macrame!

The workshop was a blast and super relaxing. Since it was superbowl sunday (totally didn’t realize that until about two days before lol) the class was pretty small so we got a lot of one on one instruction which was really nice. Emily was absolutely wonderful and I really enjoyed learning macrame from her. After the class my friend Kelsey and I checked out the Tucson gem show. It was so cool! I came home with some really beautiful candle holders, book ends, a new macrame wall hanging and a few gorgeous rocks. Such a great weekend!

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