January Weavings

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 2 1



I’ve been sharing some of my weavings on instagram here and there but I thought it would be cool to do a little round up on the blog of all of the different pieces I’ve made this month. Some I love and some I’m pretty neutral about but it’s fun to experiment and try different things. I’m getting to a point where I feel confident enough to sell them which was totally not my original intention. Originally I wanted to have a little creative muse just for me that had nothing to do with photography or design. But as I’ve started to create these, I just can’t stop!! I want to try new things and make more and more. I’ve also had interest expressed from many friends wanting one and love the idea of adding some color and beauty into peoples homes so I’m gonna do it! I have a larger project I’m working on that I want to loop these into which is why I’m kind of waiting a bit. So, until I finish that I’m just going to keep teasing and keep making 🙂

  • kc
    February 10, 2016

    Where did you get your materials? The yarn and wool are beautiful!! Texture, color…I can’t find anything in my city to drive to, which I’d prefer because I want to keep practicing. Fantastic pieces!

    • tiffanyegbertblog
      February 10, 2016

      I get a lot of it at JoAnns Fabric and on Etsy 🙂 Thanks!

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