Desert Loom Lookbook with Chante

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Apparently I’ve been totally slacking on the blog because I’ve been a busy bee trying to get all my shoots in before May! Above is the second lookbook we shot for Desert Loom. Originally I was just planning on doing one lookbook per season to make things a bit easier on myself but since it’ll be way too hot May-September to do any new shoots I wanted to make sure I had lots of pretty images to share on instagram especially throughout the summer. This one was supposed to be a summer lookbook to be released in May but I had too many Spring things I wanted to shoot and was able to get this one on the calendar earlier than expected. Yay! We will be shooting the summer lookbook this weekend and after that I’ll be taking a bit of a break from fashion shoots for the summer which means I’m going to have more time for making macrame and woven pieces, cooking and food styling and doing yoga. Awww yeah summer time! May is pretty much my second “new years” where I reevaluate everything and plan for the fall so even though I won’t be photographing pretty ladies for a few months I’m pretty excited to slow down a bit during the crazy hot Arizona summer.

CREDITS: Model Chante // Hair by Jaime Voelz-Leaman // Makeup by Kerri Metcalf // Photography by Tiffany Egbert



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