August Goals

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About a month ago I mentioned I was working through Lara Casey’s powersheets and I thought it’d be kind of fun to share my top ten goals for August. In general I’ve felt like my life has been lacking balance for awhile. Whenever I’ve set goals in the recent past they’ve been primarily focused on my business and creative work but I’ve been trying to re-prioritize a bit and also set some personal health and relationship goals, yay!

1) Make and photograph one new recipe a week

I love trying new things and I think it really breaks up the monotony of every day life! I’m also trying to build my food photography + styling portfolio so it’s a fun little summer project that I can shoot indoors while it’s super warm out.

2) Revamp photography portfolio so that it is less wedding focused

I have decided that for the time being I am not going to take on any more wedding clients. There are so many things I love about shooting weddings but working full time and shooting weddings (and freelancing on other projects + running a small online clothing company) is just too much. When I have a wedding I am usually spending all of my free time for that month editing and I just don’t really have that kind of time any more. So for the month of August I’m going to rework my website + facebook page a bit so that their is less of a focus on wedding work more focus on fashion and editorial.

3) Go to yoga 3-5 times a week

Yay for a personal goal! About a month ago I decided to give yoga another try. I previously had tried a few different studios (mostly hot yoga) and didn’t really fall in love but wanted to give it another try since I had heard so many good things about it and I was really looking for some sort of physical fitness outlet. Luckily I found an amazing studio that I love and have been going several times a week! I’m really hoping to keep it up even as my schedule starts to get a bit busier. I’ve already noticed a huge increase in my energy levels which is something that I’ve needed for awhile. Hooray!

4) Focus on getting a balanced + healthy diet

Along with my fitness goals I’ve started paying a lot more attention to the food that is going into my body. In the past I’ve tracked calories but I’ve never paid much attention to getting the right balance of carbs to protein to fat. I know fat and carbs are usually things people avoid but you actually really need them and they aren’t bad in moderation! I’ve been recording all of my food intake into the myfitness pal app which gives you a little pie chart of your carb/fat/protein intake. When I can I try to plan my dinner around what I was lacking throughout the earlier part of my day.

5) Host at least one dinner party

Community is a big thing that has been lacking in my life for the last couple of years and I really want to change that. As I am learning how to cook new tasty things I think it would be a great opportunity to invite friends over and enjoy some time together.

6) Initiate more hang out time with friends

Coffee dates. Girls brunch. Dance parties. Just get out and be social!

7) Inventory vintage collection and schedule a September shoot

Pretty self explanatory! September it will finally be a little bit less warm and I can start doing outdoor shoots again, yay!

8) Learn the basics of macrame

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile and I’m hoping to have some time this month! I’ve heard it’s pretty meditative once you get the basic knots down and I love when I get to create things with my hands.

9) Post and interact more on instagram

I’ve made so many amazing connections with people on instagram that I’ve later gotten to meet and collaborate with in real life and I know it’s an area where a little bit of time and love can go a long way.

10) Treat yo self

When I get busy self care goes completely out the window. As I’m in my slower season for August I want to create a regular sustainable practice of doing little things for myself daily. Maybe it means putting on a mud mask before bed or getting a mani pedi or curling my hair and wearing a pretty dress or going to a yoga class or spending a couple of hours reading a good book. So many little things I know I can do if I take the time to do them that will make me all around a happier camper.


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