100 days of painting – 1 month in!

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So I am a little bit over 1 month into my 100 days of painting and I have 28 paintings! I got a few days behind last week when I ran out of resin but I’m back on track now. Currently the majority of the paintings (about 20 so far) are smaller 1×1 pieces and the rest are larger pieces. I initially was super nervous to do the larger ones and didn’t think I’d enjoy them as much as the smaller pieces but now I’m really loving doing larger pieces. At this point I’m mostly viewing the smaller pieces as experiments testing out different color pallets and when I come up with something I like I’ll make a larger piece using that palette. I’ve definitely been drawn drawn to a few different color palettes as you can see above. Blues, pinks and black and whites are my favorite so far. I’ve tried variations and other combinations but I keep coming back to these colors. I think just the nature of fluid painting blues look really good and because colors can overlap and create new colors I prefer to do three different shades of a similar color and then one accent color unless of course it’s black and white. I’ve been sharing pieces as I make them over on my instagram so if you are curious and want to see more, check it out!

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